"The best way to communicate with prospective customers is through a story. Or to be more precise, through a sequence of stories."


 Scott Farnsworth,

“Double Your Sales: An Honest and Authentic Approach to Professional Selling”



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Selling with Stories

An Honest and Authentic Approach to Professional Selling

The Double Your Sales Webinar Series

Eight Live Webinars Taught Personally

by the Author Scott Farnsworth



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Here’s an overview of the eight sessions. 


1.  An Overview of The Double Your Sales Process

Introduction to the 12 stories of the Double Your Sales process; The importance of sequencing; Three important principles; The philosophical underpinnings of the Double Your Sales Process; Why this sequence of stories works to engage new customers

2. Understanding the Power of Stories

The history of story; We see our lives in story; Story is our native language; We teach best by telling stories; We connect best by listening to stories; We fall in love with those who listen generously to our stories and share theirs with us; How to find your own story-telling voice

3. Right Brain/Left Brain and The Banana-Lettuce Story

Understanding the analytical brain and the intuitive brain; The role of each side of the brain; Learning to recognize which side they’re in; Moving people from one side of the brain to the other; Setting expectation for the engagement meeting; How to develop your own successful Banana-Lettuce Story

4. The New Me Story

Meeting prospective customers where you find them; Introducing yourself or your company with a carefully crafted story; The Character Arc—a lesson from classical literature; Stories have their own third-party credibility; How to tell your New Me Story; How to develop your New Me Story; Using multiple New Me Stories

5. The Who Are You Story and The Hidden Waterfall Story

Launching customers into their stories, Finding your own set of story-leading questions, Listening with a second set of ears, Identifying the problems you can address, Pointing out dangers without being rejected, What makes a powerful Hidden Waterfall Story, Preparing and polishing your stories

6. The Worry Story, The Consequences Story, and The Benefit Story

Creating your “Top Ten Problems I Can Fix” list; Asking “worry-leading questions;” Finding enough worries; Helping prospects envision the consequences of not addressing their problems; Mastering the “parking” process; Seeing and describing the benefits of using your process; The power of this part of the sequence

7. The Kind of Like You Story and The How We Do it Story

The story-based testimonial; Finding customers who are kind of like them; Creating a powerful process; Turning your process into a story; The importance of the diagram; Connecting your process to their problems; The downside of a fancy graphic

8. The Investment Story, The Dress Rehearsal Story, and The Next Step Story

Creating a context for what you charge; Investment vs. expense; Asking for the business; Taking a hard left turn into the analytical brain; Avoiding buyer’s remorse; A dozen options for the dress rehearsal; Dealing with the “I want to think about it” customer; Where do we go from here?; Summary and overview of the entire 12-story process


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“The best way to communicate with the people you are trying to lead is often through a story.”   Stephen Denning, "The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling"

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